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Exterior painting

We specialize in Aluminum and Vinyl siding refinishing. Not many people know that the siding can be refinished in 100’s of different colors. Not only that but we offer you a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on peeling or cracking paint.

Exterior painting does more than just make your home look better. It provides a layer of protection from the weather, which extends the life of your wood home whether it be clapboard or cedar shakes.

We don’t just apply the paint to your home. It’s all about preparation to achieve a long lasting finish. Each home may have more or less prep work then others, but making sure each home is done correctly will make it last that much longer.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is all about design and taste. Each home is different with everyone’s unique personality. With those colors you choose we will help you make sure that they flow room to room. Painting walls and more importantly all of your wood work adds a layer of protection and durability. Not only do we paint walls and trim but we also can remove old outdated popcorn ceiling and give them a smooth updated finish. As well as refinish your kitchen cabinets from stained to freshly painted white.

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cabinet painting

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Do you have worn out or outdated cabinets, our cabinet refinishing process involves removal of all doors and drawers which then are refinished back in our custom spray booths back at our office, while your base cabinets are done to in their original place. Cabinet Refinishing can save you thousands compared to the cost of new cabinets or even refacing. while it's a very cost-effective option you can also completely change the look of your kitchen by making them classic white or even a more unique color. Adding a final touch of new Hardware and Hinges can completely finish off your new style as well.

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Deck staining

Let us restore you deck, whether it Stained or Painting we can make it look new again. We start with power washing you entire deck to remove all mildew and stains off the deck as well as any loose and peeling paint. Then we scrape and sand where needed. Finally apply a new top coat of Stain to you deck for a new finish.

Backyard Washing
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